AR advancing digital healthcare 

Easily connect clinicians in a variety of health settings, with remote expert physicians who may be located across the country, using optimised video collaboration applications and augmented reality (AR) wearables.

Advancing Healthcare through AR Smart Glasses

The widespread impact of COVID forced us all to make many changes in our daily lives including how we accessed healthcare.

The accelerated uptake of virtual healthcare was a significant step in keeping the community safe, often negating the need to travel long distances to access specialist care.

Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses for example enabled physicians unique access to patients in remote locations.

Medical experts from all disciplines could effectively be “in the room” with a patient supported by a nurse clinician wearing an AR headset and provide real time advice and diagnosis.

The technology that allows medical professionals to accurately see and assess a patient’s condition from thousands of kilometres away, or in their nearby home, aids the delivery of  quality healthcare and improved patient outcomes.

AR advancing digital healthcare - remote healthcare
AR advancing digital healthcare

How healthcare has deployed AR technology

See how AR in healthcare has been successfully deployed to deliver improvements in patient care and outcomes, by giving clinicians the ability to “see what I see”.

see what I see using AR Glasses

AR clinical Wound care

Patient ar remote

Orthopedic Surgeon using AR Glasses

The ease of AR Smart Glasses in healthcare

AR assisted forensic medical evidence


Home care clinicians, remote medical facilities and more can benefit from AR technology in healthcare settings, giving patients better overall outcomes.

AR Healthcare - professional using AR glasses hands free

quality healthcare for all

The augmented reality service means patients, especially in remote or isolated communities, can receive the same comprehensive diagnosis and care as would be delivered by attending a clinic in person. 

Healthcare 1000x500 1

see what I see

A smart glasses camera brings a physician into the room and can capture high-definition images and video. The camera can be activated by the clinician, or a remote physician connected in the consultation.

AR Healthcare remote call

exceptional audio

The clarity of the audio link also means physicians can easily speak with patients, and their clinicians, as well as being able to conduct tests such as listening to a patient’s breathing with a stethoscope.


clear patient view

AR headsets avoid the need to juggle phones, tablets and other devices while a clinical examination is being conducted, providing clear vision of a patient & their clinician for remote experts.

X Ray viewed by healthcare worker with AR glasses

program accessibility

Access to an extensive array of platforms via the headset, similar to an office computer, enables links to vital information from x-rays to annotated test results, which can be shared by remote experts or clinicians on the ground.

AR in Healthcare Paramedics 1000x500 1

voice activated and hands free

Clinicians can confidently assist patients with their hands free while wearing a voice-activated headset.

Paramedic application

Prehospital care is amongst the most challenging medical domains in the provision of care to patients.

Paramedics face a broad range of clinical situations, limited resources, highly dynamic situations and environmental conditions and difficulties accessing experts.

Smart glasses assist paramedics provide urgent care to patients in the field.

Vuzix M4000 EMT Paramedic AR Healthcare

Smart glasses

  • Allow paramedics to send timely assessments including visuals of patients to specialists including hospital Emergency Physicians
  • Allow direct access to experts in hospital or if part of a major event response to control centre experts
  • Send visuals from a scene to cross-agency experts (including hospital, police and fire)
  • Paramedics in remote areas to quickly and easily obtain specialist advice from Doctors located hundreds or thousands of kilometres away
Vuzix M4000 EMT Paramedic AR Healthcare

Our Solutions

We have solutions for many different healthcare settings including age care, in home care, training, remote medical centres and more. Consolidation of travel, on-site times and accessibility, has never been easier through the use of our AR, MR and VR technology.



Our experts can review and apply the correct hardware and software solution package to seamlessly fit your requirements.


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