Innovative AR software

The AVR Lab is partnering with Atheer to bring you the latest AR software to use on your smart glass wearables and provide end to end AR solutions for your industry.

Deploy your own service performance platform

Install Faster. Service Better. 

Use Atheer’s powerful no-code tools to build your own branded service experiences to help your installers, contractors, and partner technicians do great and consistent work.

Onboard and train
Self Service
Atheer Increase Quality
Self Service

Connect your team with digital work instructions, onboarding, remote support and more.

Onboard faster, reduce ramp time

Intelligently connect your installers, contractors, and service partners to the assistance and resources they need, at the moment of need​.

  • Single, unified, experience
  • Full white labelling – make Atheer yours
  • Your content library
  • QR, barcode, and OCR scanning for quick access
  • Support for phones, tablets, and glasses
Connect your service chain and keep it up to date

Atheer connects your installers, contractors, and service partners with the knowledge, visual support, expertise, work instructions,  guidance, and systems to deliver world class service.  

  • Connect and engage with distributed users
  • Broadcast – announcements and news
  • Integrated remote assistance
  • Integrated messaging
  • One click deployment
Help your installers, contractors, and service partners help themselves

Intelligently connect your service network to the assistance and resources they need, at the moment of need.

  • Quick search for all content types, including individuals
  • Create your own content library
  • Support for many asset types – documents; videos; images; audio files, etc
  • Micro learning
  • Allow users to quickly create and share content from the front line
  • Integrate with existing content management systems and repositories
Quickly resolve issues through visual support

Atheer’s award winning remote assistance capabilities are fully integrated across the platform allowing your entire service network to access real time video support in the flow of their work.

  • Multi-party calling
  • Video support session scheduling
  • Content and document sharing during sessions
  • Recording and playback of sessions
  • Annotate on live video and still images
  • Flexible and intuitive guest user access
  • Global video infrastructure for performance, resilience, and low bandwidth support
Design, deploy, and manage automated workflows at scale

Eliminate paper. Easily automate and augment your most important services workflows and deploy them to your technicians, remarkably fast. No coding required.

  • Automate services workflows – no coding required
  • Easily publish and version across all users and devices with one click – no lengthy development cycles or IT involvement required
  • Build field services workflows to support any business use case – future proof your business
  • Integrate with your other enterprise systems
  • Create dashboards to track performance metrics
Easily optimise your service strategies and operations

Atheer helps you make faster and better decisions with powerful self-service analytics.

  • Real time insights into user engagement and activity
  • Analyze trends in digitized workflows – identify common issues, bottlenecks, trends, etc
  • Remote assistance analytics – identify common visual support requests and resolutions
  • Monitor content consumption – what’s helping and what isn’t
  • Build and distribute custom reports – no coding required
  • Share insight data in multiple formats (e.g .csv, .xlsx)
  • Integrate with enterprise reporting tools and databases
Connect, extend, and grow

Easily integrate Atheer with your existing enterprise systems and business processes. 

  • Rest and GraphQL APIs
  • Webhooks
  • Mobile and Web SDKs
  • Data import and export tools
  • Easy integration to enterprise systems, reporting tools, and databases
Global, secure, transparent, trusted

Atheer’s global cloud infrastructure (with data centers in Europe, North America, Japan, and China) supports the performance and regulatory needs of some of the world’s most demanding equipment manufacturers and their service networks.

  • Trusted to be secure, scalable, resilient, and reliable
  • SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant
  • Support for complex service networks – ability to model your specific service chain
  • Full white labelling of the mobile application – make Atheer your own
  • Full operational transparency that you can check at any time
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Atheer’s Service Performance Platform is used by leading equipment manufacturers to deliver exceptional and profitable customer service across their field, dealer, partner and installer networks. 

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