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The AVR Lab is partnering with HTC VIVE. The AVR Lab brings you the latest HTC VIVE technology and AR, VR and XR solutions for your industry.

STEP into a world of Mixed Reality with VIVE XR

Fun and imagination amplified.

Crisscrossing realities with vibrant, high-resolution XR passthrough.

expand your

New ways to excel where physical and virtual worlds merge. Virtual Desk reinvents how you create, multi-task, and communicate.

Hands on

Skeletal-level hand tracking enables intuitive interactions using just your hands. Navigate, click, drag, scroll, and type with natural hand and finger movements.


Crisp audio. Deep sensory immersion. Ergonomically designed, powerful speakers blend into the signature contour.

Your VIVERSE gateway

Socialise, manage digital assets, showcase art, learn, work, create, play, and more. Just put it on and do it all from VIVERSE.

VIVE XR Elite Audio Portrait

VIVE creates fully immersive, premium-grade virtual reality products for everyone with breath taking graphics and lifelike sounds. Work, play, learn, and experience the world in ways you never thought possible.

HTC VIVE XR Elite Virtual Desktop

VIVE XR Elite accessories

A range of accessories are available for the VIVE XR Elite as a bundle. 

HTC VIVE XR Elite  Controller

The AVR Lab are an authorized reseller for HTC Vive products. Please refer to the HTC Vive conditions by enquiring within.