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RealWear Navigator 500 Smart Glasses




RealWear Navigator 500 Smart Glasses


RealWear Navigator™ 500 Smart Glasses are the next generation ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Safely reduce downtime, improve quality and employee productivity, while realizing significant ROI.

Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use. Work comfortably all day and easily hot-swap your battery without losing a minute on the job.
Secure, Seamless Sign-On & Enterprise Deployment. Reduces time to deploy and manage your fleet of devices.

48MP Camera Sensor. Stunning camera with an incredible low-light performance, enhanced zoom without sacrificing image quality and advanced video stabilization. The modular design allows the camera to be easily removed and swapped out with other accessories or camera cover, if environment does not permit.

Camera with two modes.
Standard Mode – Delivers 12MP image resolution with 5 zoom levels. Great low light performance.
Telephoto Mode – With enhanced zoom that delivers >6X zoom while still retaining HD quality (720p) or >4X zoom while retaining full HD quality (1080p)

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