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Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses


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Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses are complete with personal protective eyewear support out of the box. They deliver a hands-free connection of the digital world to the real world, providing unprecedented access to location-aware information, data collection, remote support communications with both audio and video, and more.

The Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses benefit from the same features as the regular Blade and now include an auto-focus 8-megapixel camera, built-in stereo speakers, and advanced Vuzix voice control. No BT headset is required. With these smart glasses, all users now also enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes with their ANSI Z87.1 certification. Prescription inserts are also optionally available for most required vision corrections.

The Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses is one of the first all self-contained augmented reality smart glasses available. The see-through Waveguide optics merge digital instructions onto real-world tasks, removing distractions, vision occlusion and thereby reducing error rates. At the same time, the wireless device is a complete AV communications tools for remote support applications. Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses safely enable remote operations while maintaining focus on your work and keeping eyes safely protected.

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Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions16.0 × 8.0 × 23.0 cm
Prescription Inserts

Would you like to purchase prescription inserts with your Blade smart glasses? If so let us know and we can organise this for you at an additional charge of $367.75, Vuzix Blade proscription inserts support single vision correction, which only works for distance myopia correction.