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AR & MR SMART GLASSES For The mining industry

Your mining field and on-site workers can easily connect with remote experts in real-time, from anywhere, using optimised video collaboration applications and augmented (AR) reality wearables.

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Facility managers, mechanics and health and safety specialists can all benefit from our Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology.

Mining Site - RealWear

Built for Industry

AR and MR wearables suitable for the mining environment. Shockproof and able to withstand dust and water.

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Remain fully protected by wearing gloves and a hands-free AR headwear device, and retain situational awareness.

RealWearNavigator 500 Industrial Straight Angle7

Experts on Demand

Experts can be virtually deployed anywhere and at a moments notice.


skills shortage

Training of new or unskilled workers can be expedited using AR/MR technology.

service delivery

increase efficiency

Remote experts can annotate on their computer screen or share technical documents to troubleshoot while still on the call. 

inspect wear

Quality Inspections

Record and capture photos and videos via built-in HD cameras.

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Key Features For The Mining Industry

Our world leading brands like RealWear and Vuzix bring the latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality technology to the mining industry.


  • Reduce travel costs by deploying a remote expert.
  • Voice-controlled device to control apps (Say What You See).
  • Talk to experts in real-time and allow them to see what you’re saying.
  • Display can be moved for full situational awareness.
  • Drop-tested, water-tested, dust-tested & noise-tested (IP-66).
Mining RealWear scaled

Mining Use Case

Watch how augmented reality headsets assist in the day in the life of a miner. Remote workers can use this technology for a range of tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. 


See SMART Glass technology in action across mine sites.

A Demonstration of the RealWear Navigator™ 500 at an Ausdrill mining site in Australia

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About The AVR Lab

The AVR Lab is a Melbourne based augment reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) consultancy specialising in the application and supply of wearable technology to Australian industries such as automotive, manufacturing and medical.

With leading brands like Realwear and Vuzix, our AR and VR solutions help businesses save time and money, whilst improving service delivery, efficiency and safety.

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about what we do

The AVR Lab provides the full AR and MR end to end solution and deployment.​

Consultation and Solutions

consultation & solutions

Our team specialises in assessing, compiling and deploying AR/ MR solutions for the Australian mining industry.


hardware supplier

We are the principal Australian supplier of world leading AR/MR wearables such as RealWear® and Vuzix®.


support & service

Our support and service team will ensure your AR/MR hardware and software are always running and supported.