The AVR Lab hosted an exclusive AR Roundtable Showcase in Melbourne on 12 May 2023.

The Showcase was an opportunity to demonstrate world leading AR technology solutions with partners RealWear and TeamViewer  working seamlessly to connect and optimize the benefits of blending the physical and digital worlds.

Participating guests included Jessica McKirkle and Janine Towner of Serco Asia Pacific, Tim Partington and Antony Russell Skills Consulting Group, Luan Tran and Khushboo Kohli, Silicon Stack, Malcolm Guy, The Salvation Army, Idris Shamsi, RACV and Tim Winzar, KPMG.  Guests were supported by The AVR Lab team members Chief Executive Officer Caroline Patton, Solutions Engineer Andrew Taylor, and Marketing Executive Olivia Fenton. 

The afternoon provided guests with hands-on AR assisted technology experiences in a fun and interactive environment.  Demonstrations replicated the two main challenges our frontline workers often face when performing tasks: both hands are needed for the work and at the same time they are dependent on additional information be it instructions or procedures.

AR Roundtable - Remote Assist Call
AR Roundtable - Remote Assist caller
Mick Schmacher being interviewed - TeamViewer F1 GP event 2023


Guests stepped into the shoes of a front-line worker and placed a service call to an expert, located remotely, to complete a trouble shooting session on a data switch light board.  In reality, the ‘remote expert’ was located in an office down the corridor but could have easily been located anywhere across the country or indeed across the world.  Participants were guided through an experience they would otherwise have little chance of completing without the use of an AR enabled headset and support from an expert who was able to view what the field worker could see in real-time.

The functionality of the software smarts was on full show, including screen sharing, HD photo sharing and live annotation.  In a noisy environment, the frontline worker was able to easily converse in a two-way conversation, exchanging visuals including photos, documents and workflow instructions.

AR Roundtable - Remote Assist caller
Mick Schmacher being interviewed - TeamViewer F1 GP event 2023


Soma cube assembly exercises showcased four finalists accessing written and visual instructions via the display pod in a Navigator headset to perform a task following a workflow using TeamViewer software.   The group were impressed with increased productivity and time savings, both averaging almost 80 percent, when compared with assembling the Soma cube using written instructions on a piece of paper!

AR Roundtable - soma cube assembly challenge

A participant has started building the cube using the AR smart glasses. The QR code in front started the workflow.

AR Roundtable - Soma cube challenge - 4 screen split view

The four screen split of the soma cube digital workflow instructions that challenge participants are completing.

AR Roundtable - soma cube challenge with 4 participants

Participants racing to build their soma cube in the fastest time using digital workflow instructions.

AR Roundtable - types of frontline workers discussion

ROUNDTABLE discussions

 Roundtable discussions driven by observations and questions from guests covered an array of issues including connectivity, device durability and functionality, software integration and smarts, digital workflow, language options, AI, branding, knowledge retention, engagement in learning and a wide range of use cases in a variety of sectors including health, automotive and education.

All guests gained valuable learnings throughout the session, hearing new and innovative use-cases outlining “imagine if…” scenarios from organisations keen to provide world-class support to employees and customers.


Guest Speakers - F1 GP Digital AR Workforce

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