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The AVR Lab partner with TeamViewer and RealWear to attend AADA Expo

AADA Event Photo 1

Danny Gambaro, Tony O’Brien and Andrew Taylor working our booth at the expo.

Many delegates complimented us, not just on our stand, but on the depth and breadth of knowledge that we were able to share.  “This technology is ground-breaking“, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the technology to pilot this in our environment”, and “Can we organise a demonstration?” were common refrains.

Danny Gambaro

Director, The AVR Lab

Our Director Danny Gambaro, Pre-Sales Engineer Andrew Taylor and Associate Tony O’Brien attended the Australian Automotive Dealership Association’s (AADA) Convention, held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2022.  Partnering with members from TeamViewer and Realwear inc, The AVR Lab put on a show like no other exhibitor. The AVR Lab delivered to delegates a full Industrial Augmented Reality Experience Centre with a firsthand experience using industrial wearables.

We offered two hands on experiences, where delegates and other exhibitors were able to try the headsets themselves in activities relevant to the automotive industry.

Experience 1: Remote Support

Experience 1 provided the AADA delegates with a remote worker experience. Placing the RealWear Navigator 500 on their head the delegate was posed with fixing a problem on a replica V8 engine. With little experience they soon needed assistance from an expert. Using voice commands to control their assisted reality device – a RealWear Navigator 500 – delegates opened the TeamViewer Frontline Workplace application and called an expert for remote assistance. Andrew Taylor, The AVR Lab Pre-sales Engineer and all-round champion, took the call and started to remotely assist the delegate with their problem.

Working together using Augmented and Assisted Reality features available through the TeamViewer Frontline platform, Andrew and the delegate quickly identified the problem and went about solving it quickly and cheaply. No need for Andrew to jump on a plane to go and fix the problem himself!

Experience 2: Pre-Delivery Compliance

Experience 2 was following a predefined workflow process for a pre-delivery checklist on Lego Jeep Defenders. Using TeamViewer Frontline xInspect – in conjunction with the RealWear Navigator 500 industrial wearable – participants, using voice commands and hands free, completed a pre-delivery checklist workflow. They were able to check off if each item was on the Jeep Defender and in working condition. If it was missing, then a live photo was taken using the headset. At the end of the process, the checklist and any photos are combined automatically into a report that provides an audit trail and record of the assisted reality workflow.  The pre-delivery checklist is guided, completed, and emailed using voice and visual cues; no hands or paper needed.

Case Studies and Benefits

It was also an opportunity to promote some RealWear case studies: the RealWear Lexus and Volkswagen challenges; and how Real Wear’s industrial wearables were able to create solutions for efficiency, improve employee well-being, reduce travel costs and overall costs, and save time. TeamViewer’s vast experience in this field was also highlighted with case studies including BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and AMG. Gains include fewer field service visits, seamless interaction between tech support and engineering team, efficient communication across work sites, reduce carbon footprint, and improved efficiency and issue resolution.

Speaking with attendees in the automotive industry about their concerns and areas they would like to improve in their businesses gave us a greater understanding of how useful Augmented Reality (AR) technology could be used on a daily basis. This is a leading sector in terms of technology advancement – organisations are looking at innovative ways to problem solve using the effective and efficient AR technology. The mindset of always being ready to learn and try new things made it a delight to show everyone through our Augmented Reality Experience Centre.

The AVR Lab representatives were proud to be able to share their knowledge with delegates in the automotive space that were unfamiliar with industrial Augmented Reality wearable technology. As this is an emerging market, many people are still in the preliminary stages of learning about the benefits of AR technology. It was also great to have an up close and personal experience with attendees.

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The Lego Jeep Defender used as part of our workflow

Danny Gambaro speaking at TeamViewer GP Event

Teaching the delegates how to use our AR Technology

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Some of Our Team working hard at our booth

Australian Automotive Dealers Association Convention June 2022

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