Easy-to-Use Lesson Creation Platform for Trainers and Teachers

Enterprise , Universities and schools can give their teachers and students the ability to create, experience, and share AVR learning modules while also quickly adding them to their existing curriculum.


  • Learning Modules: for on-boarding, familiarization, pre-training and sales training
  • Multi-user: one-to-many trainer to trainee learning modules
  • Multi-platform: desktop & mobile Creator AVR
  • User generated: easy content creation
  • Experiential learning: guided and do it yourself mode
  • Allows for trainer guided lessons or self study.
  • Support for most major LMS systems through SCORM protocols.
  • Model import allows teaching materials to be customized and lessons to be created easily and efficiently.
  • Voice overs and embedded videos allow for the teacher to directly reach the trainees.
  • Robust backend for lesson management and creation.
  • Supports iOS and Android devices as well as PCs.


From on-boarding, to process familiarization, pre-training, sales, classrooms, labs, and workshops, Creator AVR’s immersive learning modules can be quickly accessed and experienced through the AVR’s library style interface.


Students and trainees are able to engage in teacher or trainer led collaborative sessions that include voice communication. These sessions can be used for individual one-on-one instruction or more complex virtual sessions that involve the entire group.


Creator AVR is available on mobile phones and tablets as well as on Windows based laptops and computers. This allows workers and students to access their learning materials on the go, for individual learning, or in the classroom, with the whole group.


Built-in quizzes and challenges create an experiential learning environment, while the multimedia nature of AVR keeps learners of all types engaged with the material. Results are then recorded into your LMS or LRS for better record keeping and analytics on your trainees’ or students’ performance.


Creator AVR’s ever-growing collection of 3D content gives you a wealth of materials from which to create interactive 3D learning lessons.


An Enterprise Grade Virtual Training Platform. Train Your Workforce in Virtual Reality (VR) and Analyze Their Ability to Learn Complex Procedures!


Immerse trainees in detailed, virtual job sites with complex tasks. Tasks such as standard operating procedures and emergency situations can be practiced safely without interrupting daily operations. The performance of these tasks is logged and tracked, giving training and operations managers — as well as Human Resource (HR) professionals — insight into the efficacy of training programs and worker competency.
This solution is available on Oculus and HTC Vive headsets.


  • Training Modules: procedure practice, remote training, virtual certification
  • Multi-User: support for one-to-one or one-to-many training
  • Multi-Platform: cross platform VR training
  • Integrated Communication: voice over ip built in
  • Guidance and Assessment: step-by-step instructions for task completion and integrated assessment
  • Support for most major LMS systems through SCORM protocols.
  • Virtual tablet for displaying instructions and documents.
  • In-view web browser for intranet sites, websites, data sheets, manuals, and much more.


Remote training is aided with built-in audio communication between the trainer and the trainee(s), and visual cues such as object highlighting in the virtual environment.


Virtual Trainer is designed for enterprise training such as procedure practice, remote training, and virtual certification, as well as educational applications such as vocational training and pilot plant simulation. Available learning modules for Virtual Trainer can be accessed through its user interface and the trainee or student can then experience their chosen module.


Virtual Trainer supports mobile devices and tablets, desktops, laptops, and head-mounted-displays such as HTC’s VIVE and Oculus’ Rift with more supported platforms being continually added.


Procedures are broken down into step-by-step instructions for trainees to complete either with full guidance, visual hints, or with no assistance at all. A trainer can provide additional guidance or a trainee can access the task list via a virtual tablet at their disposal. Each step is tracked and the results are synced with LMS or LRS systems. Data from the training session such as time to completion, time per step, which objects were interacted with, and more can be made available for additional analytics and reference.

AR Assist

Augmented Reality technology that digitizes and shortens maintenance processes while increasing accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and safety.