Classy kick off at Roads and Traffic Expo

The AVR Lab partner with TeamViewer and RealWear to attend Expo

The AVR Lab team took our Director Danny Gambaro, Pre-Sales Engineer Andrew Taylor, and Associate Tony O’Brien along to the National Roads and Traffic Expo in Sydney on the 18th and 19th of May 2022. Approx. 4,000 visitors came through the Expo over the two days, with many stopping by, between the 150 presentation sessions from 200 speakers, what a big event. Many stopped by The AVR Lab booth with our partners TeamViewer and RealWear as part of our Industrial Augmented Reality Experience Centre and visitors were keen to pre-book their experience sessions through our website and the event app. 

While the SOMA cube booths were a bit of fun the serious takeaway that each participant learnt was just how much more efficient, they were with guided assembly instructions being displayed in their RealWear assisted reality headsets HMT-1 and Navigator 500.  They kept their hands free to focus on the task at hand and better yet with the TeamViewer Frontline platform providing the work instruction their task was registered with no paperwork or follow up required by them.

The Teamviewer xAssist booth provided a firsthand experience of remote assistance where each participant was guided by a remote expert located elsewhere in the world (5 booths across).  They were presented with a problem on an engine they could not fix and through sharing what they see via their Realwear Navigator 500 they were supported via augmented reality annotations, sharing of technical documents, virtual pointers and the reassurance of the expert guiding them in real time.  Everyone got their V8 started within 5 minutes.  Happy clients!

Through this event we were able to learn more about the construction, engineering, safety aspects (just to name a few) that impact the roads and traffic industry. This helped to identify how the right assisted reality solution by way of RealWear HMT-1 and Navigator 500 coupled with the power of the TeamViewer Frontline platform provides immediate benefits to assist and improve worker safety, productions and efficiency.

National Roads & Traffic Event Photo 2

Some of our team getting ready to open on Day 1 of the Expo

Danny Gambaro speaking at TeamViewer GP Event

We had a fun time providing visitors the opportunity to try the technology for themselves after mainly doing online demonstrations. It was great to relate and answer questions in person, providing attendees a richer experience of this incredible AR technology with strong beneficial advantages to their company and the industry as a whole. 

Andrew Taylor

Pre-sales Engineer, The AVR Lab

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Roads and Traffic - Bridge Construction Site


Team Viewer Frontline is an Augmented Reality (AR) productivity solution platform to significantly improve efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce.


The RealWear Navigator™ 500 is the leading ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. ​

Some of Our Team working hard at our booth

National Roads and Traffic Expo May 2022

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