Connected Worker Trial

Testing tech in paradise – The situation

The Connected Worker trial demonstrates how the Sunshine Coast Council is uniquely positioned to attract companies to the Sunshine Coast to test and evaluate their technology. The AVR Lab has taken up this opportunity to test and trial the RealWear Navigator 500 hardware and TeamViewer Frontline software on the WiFi 6 free public WiFi network within the Maroochydore CBD.  We were able to test a use case where the Sunshine Coast Council has an existing need, performing field audits on pits, poles and digital kiosks.

The Sunshine Coast Council perform site audits on a regular basis to ensure equipment has been provisioned correctly and is in good working order. Currently, the process of conducting field audits requires the presence of up to three individuals at the site. One person is responsible for checking all tags on the items to ensure that they match the ones being reviewed, supported by an assessor, and potentially 3rd party supplier or a technician. This often leads to inefficiencies as multiple attempts are required to locate the correct infrastructure, resulting in wasted time.

Moreover, manual site inspections are time-consuming and increase the risk of misidentifying items. To address these issues, the use of video is necessary, where field workers typically rely on mobile devices or hardcopies to capture information. This data needs to be manually entered into a records system, further adding to the workload and potential for errors. Inspectors need to stay safe on site and it takes longer to manually capture video footage using handheld devices.

Testing tech in paradise – The AVR Lab solution

Sunshine Coast Council is at the forefront of innovation as a leading digital hub being in the top 21 smart cities for the last 7 years in a row (including 2023) (Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Intelligent Community Forum). Sunshine Coast Council’s approach to finding solutions and best practices that support technology adoption in a sustainable way meant a great partnership with The AVR Lab ensues.

SCC - Connected Worker Trial - Andrew running PoC on site

The AVR Lab provided an Assisted Reality [AR] solution, leveraging the WiFi 6 network within the Maroochydore CBD using RealWear Navigator 500 wearables and TeamViewer Frontline xAssist and xInspect software applications. The AR solution was tailored to the needs of the specific use case situation to better understand the performance of the network.

Digital workflows were created, replacing manual checklists, enabling handsfree workflow processing and remote connectivity to specialists, enabling the work from anywhere model.  The AR technology wearables gave the field workers the ability to be connected to their systems safely while remaining hands free, reducing potential risks exposure, reduced administrative tasks and errors due to automated report capture. The solution also enabled efficient time use, increasing productivity of all parties involved as they were connected digitally leveraging smart technology.

The performance of the video streaming between field workers onsite and the control center at head office was under assessment to better understand whether there was any latency with communications. No latency was experienced, and high-definition video streaming was possible without pixelation, allowing both parties to undertake an assessment with ease.

Benefits of the connected worker trial

 The Proof of Concept (PoC) successfully leveraged the local Maroochydore CBD WiFi 6 network for live streaming between the smart glasses AR headsets and laptops, using a dedicated SSID. While the RealWear AR headsets are designed for 5G networks and did not fully utilize the full extent of the bandwidth and all of the benefits that WiFi 6 offers, the potential for future trials on WiFi 6 networks is an exciting prospect. The opportunity to leverage Assisted Reality headsets throughout the SCC has been proven, highlighting the potential for productivity efficiencies and significant ongoing cost savings.

Using the RealWear Navigator 500 and TeamViewer Frontline software supported by The AVR Lab, Sunshine Coast Council was able to immediately reap the benefits of the Proof of Concept. The benefits included:

⭐ AR wearables successfully using the WiFi 6 network to complete their tasks, with improved performance and low latency,

Users quickly adjusted to using voice commands on a wearable hands-free headset,

Accessed data via the high-resolution micro screen,

Utilised “Voice to Text” language processor in English,

Collaborated with remote experts to complete hands-free tasks, providing a safer environment for field works, and enabling three points of contact at all times when working in the field,

Communicated without issue amid noise generated by nearby traffic,

Received expert advice in the field with access to data shared by the control centre expert,

Instant reporting of all field service audits and service calls,

Removing physical waste by using digital workflows instead of paperwork,

Accurately identification of assets (time & actual item) easily and without failure using the AR wearables camera functionality for barcoding.


SCC - Connected Worker Trial user 2 training
SCC - Connected Worker Trial user 1 training

PoC Successful Implementation and Ease of Use

SCC - Connected Worker Trial - on site inspection

“The AVR Lab were recently involved in the ‘Testing Tech in Paradise’ initiative with the Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland, where we tested our Connected Worker solution, using RealWear Navigator 500 headset with TeamViewer Frontline xAssist and xInspect leveraging the Maroochydore CBD WiFi 6 network.  This initiative has enabled us to test our solution in the marketplace, learning more about the benefits of WiFi 6 and what our clients can expect when WiFi 6 is available for them.  We cannot thank the team at Sunshine Coast Council enough, the process was effortless, and the team worked amazingly together achieving a fantastic result.

Being able to leverage a WiFi 6 network, we observed higher performance and lower latency of the technology. Video streaming in high definition achieved better results from previous tests. It was a seamless experience to work with SCC on the PoC, having the right skillset on the ground at the right time which made for a successful test and trial.

AR wearables enable people to be connected with each other in remote circumstances which is important for frontline workers when conducting field audits or having to fix damaged equipment with less skilled workers. “

Caroline Patton
The AVR Lab Co-Founder and Accuteque Global Pty Ltd Group CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

“Sunshine Coast Council has thousands of assets all over the region and spends many hours managing and maintaining them as they age. Through ‘The Connected Worker’ trial, the AVR Lab team was able to provide us with a hands-free way to record vision and audio, and turn this into a digital record, all while using our CBD digital infrastructure including WiFi 6. The results demonstrated savings in time, improved accuracy and instant recordings which can help us inform asset renewal timing to achieve maximum value for the region. This is a great outcome which has strong potential to be adopted by any company that manages assets.” 

Michael Whereat
Smart Cities Lead, Sunshine Coast Council


The Sunshine Coast Council’s first in Australia WiFi 6 free public network has now tested the performance of the AR wearable hardware and software with results displaying improved performance, resulting in less downtime. This capability shows the technology capabilities are far reaching when digital assets are available to leverage.

Find out more about the Testing in Tech Paradise initiative being conducted by Sunshine Coast Council and the Connected Worker Trail solution below. 


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