Endologix Surgical Visualisation EON Reality


Endologix wanted a new way to highlight how their Nellix EndoVascular Aneurysm Sealing System would better treat Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms than competitors products. This was originally done with expensive medical grade models to highlight how their product worked, which are expensive, non interactive, and limited to doctor’s offices. Patients have difficulty explaining their condition and how Nellix can solve their medical issues.

Expensive Medical Models

Medical Grade models are expensive. While advances such as 3D printing have cut the cost of some models, the fact remains that providing a model to patients to explain their procedure and show their family remains an expensive endeavor.

  • Difficult to Explain

While to medical professionals the benefits of Nellix may be apparent, to the average patient the condition, procedure, and technology might as well be a foreign language. To differentiate Nellix in the marketplace and have your equipment stand out, a patient must be aware of the benefits of the technology and how it will improve their quality of care.

  • Build Awareness

The innovative technology that goes into the Nellix EVAS system is very different from traditional stents for use in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. A way to build awareness of the new technology, is extremely helpful for when the product is released on the market.


EON Reality developed an Augmented Reality application that illustrated the step-by-step procedure on how a Nellix device is surgically implanted into the patient. Using AR, doctors have access to a complete 3D model of the device and procedure which patients can take home with them and share with their loved ones. The application shows the deployment of the device from guide wire insertion to removal and highlights the key features of the Nellix device, such as the polymer fill which seals the aneurysm.

Digital EON Reality AR Model

Patients can now leave their doctor’s office or the hospital with an Augmented Reality model of the procedure they underwent. This allows patients to easily communicate what they went through and puts a patient’s family at ease rather than just having to “trust the doctor.”

Easy to Reach Their Audience

The application helps Endologix explain the benefits of the Nellix system in a very visual and easy to understand medium. By using iOS and Android devices, the barrier to experience the AR application is just an app install for patients to see for themselves what the benefits of the Nellix EVAS System.

Endologix Eon Reality App
Endologix Surgical Visualisation Eon Reality App 1
Endologix Surgical Visualisation Eon Reality App


EON Reality Application

The application received positive response and with uses in marketing, education, and training. It’s a low cost method of reaching a wide audience using their own devices.