Caption: The above image shows the relative body temperature screening capability using the Onsight Cube thermal imaging camera and Onsight Connect with a fixed temperature device to screen individuals entering a location.

LibreStream Thermal Imaging

Screening for elevated body temperature is becoming the new norm. While the spread of viruses such as the flu have caused upwards of $150 billion in lost productivity in the US economy alone[i], it is the recent experience with COVID-19 that has really brought the need to perform body temperature screening to the forefront.

Librestream has worked with industrial customers to build an effective and safe method of screening for elevated body temperature. Prior to admitting an employee or visitor into an industrial or commercial facility, the Onsight software and thermal imaging camera can identify an elevated body temperature from a safe distance. When an elevated temperature is identified, the individual is guided through a secondary screening process.

A core component of the solution is the Onsight Cube Thermal Imaging Camera which is a rugged or Ex-certified device that can be attached to a monopod, mounted or worn. The Cube includes dual HD video and infrared cameras that can uniquely provide a body temperature screening solution that includes process documentation, when permitted. The Cube is used in conjunction with the Onsight Connect software to view the results from a safe distance, most commonly on a computer or mobile device.

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[1] American Productivity Audit Data