Enhancing Service Efficiency with

SMART Glasses

Scenario: In the face of rising customer expectations, growing equipment complexity, skill shortages, and lengthy technician onboarding, a company providing technical support and service through partner and installer networks seeks an innovative solution to bridge the service expectation gap.

Solution: Implement SMART Glasses for Technicians. SMART Glasses equipped with augmented reality (AR) technology can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in this challenging environment.

Live IoT Data Feeds
Live IoT Data Feeds

Real-time Remote Support: Industrial and heavy equipment technicians often face complex and unique challenges in the field. SMART Glasses enable instant communication with remote experts, allowing them to troubleshoot issues, access technical documentation, and provide guidance in real-time. This minimizes downtime and ensures repairs are done correctly.

Customized Interfaces: The SMART Glasses interface can be customized to display information specific to the equipment being serviced, ensuring that technicians have access to the most relevant data for each job.

Documentation and Record Keeping: Technicians can use SMART Glasses to capture images, videos, and voice notes during service visits. This documentation can be stored for compliance purposes, equipment history tracking, and knowledge sharing within the organization.

Equipment Complexity: When dealing with heavy machinery, SMART Glasses can display 3D models, exploded views, and step-by-step repair instructions directly in the technician’s field of view. This aids in understanding complex equipment and expedites repairs.

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SMART Glasses Benefits:

hands free

Technicians can focus on their tasks while accessing information through the SMART Glasses, reducing distractions and improving safety. Employees can achieve greater efficiency and safety by accessing information and instructions hands-free, eliminating the necessity for paper documents or handheld devices.

Enhanced Training

SMART Glasses serve as a valuable tool for training and onboarding new technicians. They can access training modules, tutorials, and detailed equipment schematics directly through the glasses, accelerating their learning process and ensuring safety protocols are followed.


SMART Glasses are connected to a central hub, facilitating seamless communication with the support team, experts, and other technicians. This enables teams to collaborate seamlessly, share insights, and access a wealth of knowledge within their extended service network.

increased productivity

Workers can access information and complete tasks more quickly; new team members are able to learn at a faster rate when completing new tasks and can so autonomously with the hands-free visual instructions. This increases productivity across the organisation for experienced and inexperienced workers. 

Save costs

Remote experts and the ability to share knowledge through the software platforms mean that expert knowledge can be accessed more easily and without the need for the expert to be physically on the site of the problem to solve it therefore reducing expenditure on travel costs.

Improved safety

SMART Glasses can include safety checklists and guidelines that technicians must follow during equipment maintenance or repair. This ensures that safety protocols are consistently adhered to, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Implementing SMART Glasses for industrial and heavy equipment technicians results in:

  • Reduced equipment downtime and increased operational efficiency.
  • Improved technician training, onboarding, and safety compliance.
  • Comprehensive documentation for compliance and historical records.
  • Enhanced ability to tackle complex equipment repairs.
  • Efficient communication and knowledge sharing across the service network.
  • Minimized risks and enhanced safety protocols.
service delivery

By leveraging SMART Glasses, companies can connect their technicians across the extended service network to the assistance and resources they need, ensuring that they can perform their best work quickly and safely. This not only improves service experiences but also enhances overall operational performance and customer satisfaction.

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