F1 GP Digital AR Workforce Solutions

On Friday the 31st March, 2023, The AVR Lab team were invited to a  TeamViewer Experience Day at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. Andrew Taylor and Olivia Fenton represented The AVR Lab while the TeamViewer speakers at the event were led by CEO Oliver Steil from Germany, CCO Peter Turner and APAC President Sojung Lee. We heard about the history of TeamViewer, their vision and their commitment to sustainability.

TeamViewer F1 GP Event 2023 - 5
Mick Schmacher being interviewed - TeamViewer F1 GP event 2023

f1 special guest using AR Technology

Special guest and F1 Driver Mick Schumacher from the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team described how happy he was “to be back with Mercedes” as his dad Michael Schumacher “was part of the team from 2010 – 2012”. The Mercedes Formula One Team is sponsored by TeamViewer.

During race weekends, F1 regulations permit a maximum of 60 technical team members to be trackside. Being able to call in remote experts from the UK, means they are able to save valuable time to apply fixes and resolve issues in real time through augmented reality (AR) and assisted reality (aR) technology. Creating a tangible competitive advantage during the real life stresses of pre-race days and importantly, on race day itself.

Mick Schmacher being interviewed - TeamViewer F1 GP event 2023

AR Demonstrations

We also had the chance to see some demonstrations using the TeamViewer Frontline xAssist, xInspect and xPick software and the RealWear Navigator 500. The xPick demonstration showed us through a pick and pack workflow and showed the ability to log problems in real time with head office, which significantly reduces delays on the warehouse floor. xPick is a digitized workflow that gives users digital instructions to pick based on order requirements and pack them to send out.

There was another demonstration that used xAssist to call a remote expert to fix an issue on a piece of car equipment. xAssist is a remote support module that can call multiple people to assist workers on the frontline. The remote expert was able to give them instructions on how to fix the issue through annotations on the caller’s view in real time, and through the instructions pulled from their backend system. This enabled the caller to fix the issue and have a full record issued in a report with the images, annotations, and call log. This experience also used xInspect to go through a digital workflow to check and inspect the vehicle which is how the car equipment issue was initially discovered.


xInspect Workflow - F1 GP Digital AR Workforce
Guest Speakers - F1 GP Digital AR Workforce

Guests already implementing AR technology with beneficial results

The panel speakers included AESOP, Intelli-systems, Mazda and Stellantis, who all spoke about how AR technology is revolutionizing their workforces through digitization in the modern workplace. This includes the auto industry, manufacturing and installation and repair services. At The AVR Lab we ensure clients are supported through their implementation of AR hardware (RealWear and Vuzix) and software within their organization.

Guest Speakers - F1 GP Digital AR Workforce

AR: The future

The event was a great opportunity to connect with other industry leaders and to see how TeamViewer is revolutionizing remote access and augmented reality software. The discussions highlighted the ability of how Augmented Reality can assist users with a range of needs, and not being limited to one technology in one business stream. At The AVR Lab, we are excited to be at the forefront of changing the modern workplace through remote assistance and digitized workflows with our software and hardware partners.

AR Demonstration - F1 GP
TeamViewer F1 GP Event 2023

How do I find out more?

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