Field service maintenance and smart glasses 

Find out how AR, VR and MR SMART Glasses and industrial wearables could improve your team and industry.

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What is the field services industry?  

Field service industry encompasses workers who provide maintenance, repair and installation services for equipment and systems on site. Tasks can include: diagnosing and fixing equipment problems, installing and setting up new equipment, performing preventative maintenance, and providing customer support. Field service workers can be from a range of industries including HVAC, electric, plumbing, healthcare tech, enterprise IT industries and many more. It’s important that field workers have access to information and be able to communicate with head office when they are out in the field on an assignment in order to complete the job effectively and within the time requirements. 

Why should field services adopt Smart Glasses? 

Smart Glass AR technology can improve the efficiency of the workforce in the field services industry by connecting their remote workers to their colleagues and work environment. AR technology provides them with the right information, checklists, reports to complete routine operational repairs and installations, and gives them an easy way to connect with remote experts without the need to take photos to send through or hold up a tablet to show on a video call. It gives them a live view of what the worker is seeing that moment to complete the task at hand.

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Benefits of smart glasses for field service professionals  


Workers can access information and instructions hands free without the need for paper documents or handheld devices to work more efficiently and more safely.

Enhanced Training

New starters can receive on-the-job training through workflows and video instructions. New workers follow correct procedure and document their progress throughout their training, which can be reviewed in reports by their managers.


Workers can dial in to remote experts who can guide them through troubleshooting issues in real time via the video call and fix the issue there and then. This reduces the amount of downtime experienced across installation, repairs and maintenance.

increased productivity

Workers can access information and complete tasks more quickly; new team members are able to learn at a faster rate when completing new tasks and can so autonomously with the hands-free visual instructions. This increases productivity across the organisation for experienced and inexperienced workers. It reduces the risk of error by requiring users to complete a task before moving onto the next in a workflow.

Save costs

Remote experts and the ability to share knowledge through the software platforms mean that expert knowledge can be accessed more easily and without the need for the expert to be physically on the site of the problem to solve it. Visual work instructions and live troubleshooting enable the workers to fix issues on site, and therefore reducing expenditure on travel costs.

Improved safety

Workers can easily access safety information, procedures and include these are part of the documentation checklist steps. The risk of injury and accidents is therefore reduced in addition to the devices being hands-free, allowing the workers to use both hands on the task at hand.  

What’s next

In short, there are many reasons why your use case with AR technology could be a roaring success. Ensuring you are ready for the change entailed within a Proof of Concept or Pilot Program will help make the transition more seamless for your organisation. 

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