Microsoft Teams for HMT-1 Demo

RealWear has more than 350 customers worldwide in a wide array of industries ranging from oil and gas, utilities, automotive, and manufacturing. Through its growing ecosystem of over 100 partners, RealWear offers Remote Mentor, Document Navigation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Visualization, Digital Workflow, and Visual Assist solutions.

Connecting the industrial headset to Total’s technical and engineering experts enables operators at the La Porte site – the largest polypropylene plant in North America – to diagnose operation or maintenance issues and provide solutions in real time. The use of this technology speeds up and improves technical assistance to a site such as La Porte, which produces pellets used to manufacture critical healthcare products such as masks and gowns. It also enhances teams’ responsiveness in a safe manner in case of an unplanned event.

RealWear helps maintain uptime even during The New Normal.