Mining AR in AUS

International Mining and Resource Conference (IMARC)

The AVR Lab attended the IMARC Expo in November 2022 with RealWear and Librestream

IMARC in Sydney

The AVR Lab exhibited at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney from the 2nd of November to the 4th of November 2022. Exhibiting alongside our partners, RealWear and Librestream, The AVR Lab showcased Augmented Reality Wearables to the Mining sector. The IMARC Expo had over 7,500 attendees from 800 plus mining companies attending from over 100 countries around the world. The AVR Lab team included our Solutions Engineer Andrew Taylor and Integrations Specialist Tony O’Brien. 

The AVR Lab hosted hundreds of live on-site demonstrations to visitors within the Mining sector over the three days. The demonstrations comprised of remote assistance calls and workflow instructions using the RealWear Navigator 500 and Librestream Connect and Flow.

The AVR Lab team at IMARC 2022
AVR Lab IMARC - Tony and attendee trying the tech

Onsight Connect and Navigator 500

The Onsight Connect demonstration was an opportunity to experience a remote service call to assist them in completing a trouble shooting session on a carburetor. While in reality, the “remote expert” was sitting two booths down from the experience, the customers were guided through an experience they would otherwise have little chance of completing without support. The functionality of the software was on full show, including screen sharing, HD screen shots, live annotation, live translation and AI object recognition.

onsight flow and navigator 500

The Onsight Flow demonstrations showcased the ability to capture standard day to day procedures and guide a user through the task, gathering evidence as they go and generating detailed, customizable reports at the end. The two experiences used were a V8 Maintenance Workflow to assist in fixing our model Holden engine and a Safety workflow to assist in preparing a fire extinguisher for a day on the job.

Thermal Imaging camera from realwear

Visitors of the Conference were treated to one of the first public appearances of RealWear’s new thermal imaging camera, which was released officially on the first day of the conference.

The Future of mining

Technology plays an integral role in the Mining and resources sector, which encouraged many curious visitors to try the AR technology for themselves. Its an important first step to understand how this can be deployed on a work site, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce risk, and improve safety and ultimately reduce costs across the business.

The AVR Lab savored the opportunity to further entrench itself in the Mining and resources sector. Our staff learned invaluable lessons throughout the days, met with many fun and interesting characters and set the groundwork for some exciting prospects and partnerships for the future.

IMARC 2022

Get a closer look at some of the experiences we had for visitors to try first hand using Librestream’s Onsight Connect and Onsight Flow, and RealWear’s Navigator 500.

AVR Lab IMARC - Alex and visitor with V8 engine

V8 Maintence experience

This experience took visitors through a remote worker use case using hands free digital work instructions to perform a preventative maintenance task using the Navigator 500 and Onsight Flow. The use case for this task in the Mining industry is to ensure mining equipment is operating safely and preventing any downtime.

AVR Lab IMARC - Tony demonstrating tech at the booth

Carburetor service call

Visitors engaged in the experience as remote worker mine mechanic using the Navigator 500 to call in a remote expert at another part of the booth through Onsight Connect to receive support to diagnose and repair a fault carburetor.

AVR Lab IMARC - Tim and attendee


Using Onsight Flow and the Navigator 500, visitors were following digital work instructions to complete a fire safety equipment inspection. In the Mining industry, mine safety officers would use Fire Safety Equipment inspection digital work instructions by scanning a QR code with the device and completing the workflow.

our event partners

The AVR Lab partnered with Librestream and Realwear to show the incredible Navigator 500, thermal imaging camera and Onsight technology as part of our booth experiences. 

AVR Lab IMARC - Librestream


Gary (left) and Julian (right) from Librestream were on hand to assist visitors in using Onsight Flow and Onsight Connect.

AVR Lab IMARC - Danny, Librestream and RealWear

The AVR Lab

The AVR Lab is proud to having good relationships and contributions from the extended partner network of RealWear and Librestream to make the event a success.

AVR Lab IMARC - Ash and Andrew - RealWear


Ash (left) and Andrew (right) are wearing the Navigator 500 industrial wearables which were showcased at the event.

AVR Lab IMARC - Danny, Librestream and RealWear

The AVR Lab

The AVR Lab is proud to having good relationships and contributions from the extended partner network of RealWear and Librestream to make the event a success.

The AVR Lab

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