Mining Industry – Why use AR Wearable Technology?

The AVR Lab attended IMARC in November 2022, alongside our partners, Librestream and RealWear. Digitization was the word on everyone’s lips.

  • How can we get more out of our Frontline workforce?
  • How can we reduce machine down time?
  • How can we improve the insights we get to better inform our future decisions?

There were so many impressive companies on display, each with innovative and valid solutions to existing problems within the Mining sector. We saw many companies representing AR ( Augmented/ Assisted Reality ) and VR wearable technology. The reason for the multitude of representatives from the same industry is simple, the AR and VR tech is perfect for Mining. Let us tell you why.

maintenance efficiency

When compared to using a regular phone call, a worker using Smart Glass AR wearable technology can increase maintenance efficiency by over 30%. This is primarily due to the “see what I see” nature of the AR device and the ability to draw on their screen, share schematic documents and guide with laser like precision.


If digitization wasn’t the number one topic at IMARC, then safety certainly was. When compared to hand help devices, AR Smart Glass wearable technology increased safety compliance by 70%. This is because of workers not having to remove their gloves, being able to always keep 3 points of contact and maintaining full situational awareness.

RealWear Thermal Camera - Colour Mode Screen

reduced inspection time

Using AR wearables was also shown to decrease inspection time by 90% when compared with paper-based process. These savings are not modest and over the course of a year can yield significant return on investment.

Durability of AR Wearables

The statistics speak for themselves. The reactions from people who came to our stand and saw the awesome potential of the tech was great to see. Some hesitation remained, as technology has become synonymous with fragility. Realwear wearable devices are IP66 rated, drop safe to 2m and able to be fitted onto any safety helmet you need. They will withstand the rigors required of them in hostile environments without fuss.

Realwear thermal camera

Navigator 520

digital workflow

Digitization through AR Technology

The ultimate point, and this applies to digitization in general, are the insights that you can gain from capturing data online as opposed to paper-based processes.

While using paper-based process, you are capturing data but your ability to analyze, interpret and use the data you are capturing is nonexistent. By integrating the software platform, you choose to use with your wearable device to tools, such as Power BI, you gain instantaneous, valuable insights into your operations which will allow you to make informed decisions in the future.

If you throw in further developments by RealWear with the Thermal imaging camera, then it is safe to say that AR wearable technology is a worthwhile investment for any company in the mining sector looking to digitize their workforce.

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