RealWear Cloud 

The latest SaaS offering

Real WearCloud is a new SaaS offering part of the RealWear platform and supports all RealWear wearable devices. 

One of The AVR Lab’s partners, RealWear, a leading AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) wearable solutions provider, has recently launched the RealWear Cloud platform. RealWear Cloud is a shift from the company’s previous hardware focused offerings and is engaging with customers to provide a full solution platform. The AVR Lab is pleased to be offering its CARE Package that includes new service platform to existing and new customers. 

What is RealWear Cloud?  

Cloud is a new software offering for IT and business operations and is accessed in conjunction to their assisted wearables. The platform includes a dashboard which gives IT and business operations oversight and allows companies to remotely and securely streamline their RealWear device fleet.  

RealWear Cloud is to assist companies as they grow their device fleets by assisting in the management of convenient, pre-scheduled over-the-air firm-ware updates, which keeps devices and data secure and protected.  

It works alongside existing EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) or MDM (Master Data Management) software for organisations, and provides more real-time metrices and data to increase and manage operational efficiency. By complementing existing EMM/MDM software, RealWear Cloud enables specific device control and configuration capabilities. Each device can be tailored to its best use for users and desired functionality.  

RealWear Cloud Workspace
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Can I buy it now? 

The AVR Lab CARE Package including the RealWear Cloud is now available to existing customers using RealWear wearables and is part of our full solution offerings for your AR and MR needs. Please ask one of our team how this technology may benefit your business and industry.  

Find out more 

As part of the rollout please find out more information about the product on our RealWear Cloud page and by contacting our team of solution specialists to assist with your AR and MR needs. 

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