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Frontline workers need to have the ability to make calls fast, they have a true need for speed, as consequences can be catastrophic if they are left hanging and waiting. Being able to communicate with support staff and specialist knowledge offsite is paramount to the success of remote and frontline workers.

RealWear recognises the importance of mitigating the risk of equipment downtime and the costs associated with it. In response to this, they have developed RealWear Connect. RealWear Connect is an app designed for RealWear devices, including the Navigator 500 and Navigator 520 Smart Glasses.

RealWear Connect
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what is it?

RealWear Connect organises remote experts into contact groups and notifies them via a combination of email, in-app notifications, and text messages to quickly join a support call. Remote team members can quickly and easily join the meeting, simplifying the support stack and reducing potential downtime. RealWear Connect leverages existing video solutions that your company may already use, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Why get it?

If you are serious about helping your frontline workers find the right expert in the least amount of time, then this is the solution for your company. 

RealWear Connect works with any RealWear device and is compatible with Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Unlike traditional remote support calling processes that require device users to call support staff one-by-one, the app streamlines the time-consuming sequence by sending a remote support request to the whole support team in Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms. This reduces the time taken to get a response from support staff and improves efficiency. 

realwear connect benefits

improves safety

Connecting with support staff experts in emergencies or urgent situations reduces safety risks and gets the job done safely.

increases productivity

By getting through to the right support staff straight away, remote workers are able to be more efficient with their time and produce greater output from their efforts.

saves time

Know which group to call and you will get the right person instead of spending time logging into Teams or Zoom on your device, and going through your contacts list hoping someone will rock up to the call as you are on a tight timeline.

enhances collaboration

Having contact groups set up based on business units, skills, technology, machines, means that remote workers are able to collaborate with the right knowledge and skills live. They don’t have to go through the channels of people and process to find out who may have the specialist knowledge to fix their issue.

How do I find out more? 

The RealWear Connect app requires a licensed subscription per device.

Send an email to our team at for more information and to see how you can get more out of your existing video platform.

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