RealWear Launches New Navigator 520

The latest industrial wearable in the Navigator 500 series

Same great design with new and improved HyperDisplay


Worldwide launch of RealWear’s new Navigator 520

On January 3rd 2023, RealWear released the Navigator 520 industrial wearable. It is their latest Assisted Reality (AR) device that delivers an upgraded display and clearer resolution compared to the Navigator 500. The Navigator 520 takes users into the next league of SMART Glasses while still compatible with the great accessories and add on’s in the Navigator series range.

thumb RealWearNavigator500 InSitu Hero scaled
thumb RealWearNavigator500 InSitu Inspection scaled
thumb RealWearNavigator500 InSitu MachineRepair scaled


The Navigator 520’s display capabilities mean it will be beneficial for fleets requiring sharp resolution, increased angle views and to give relief to users wearing the devices for longer periods of time.

The Navigator 520 still includes the features that have greatly benefited frontline workers from the Navigator 500. It still has the full-shift, hands-free use capabilities, and a revolutionary modular design to work in with existing add on’s such as the RealWear thermal camera, bump cap and more. Enhanced collaboration with head office and other remote workers, and secure and seamless wearable use are still part of the Navigator 520 experience.

Higher hd display

Navigator 500 lower display
Navigator 520 higher display

Higher hd display

higher resolution

Navigator 500 lower resolution
Navigator 520 higher resolution

higher resolution

bolder colours

Navigator 500 less bold colour
Navigator 520 bold colour

bolder colours

***than the Navigator 500

See the Navigator 520 in action

First look at the navigator 520

Navigator 520 use cases

navigator 520 demonstration

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