RealWear Launches New Navigator Z1

The latest industrial wearable in the Navigator 500 series

Same great design for Hazardous Environments 


RealWear’s launch of the new Navigator Z1

Introducing the RealWear Navigator Z1, engineered to take on operational challenges, mitigate safety risks, and bridge the emerging knowledge gap created by retiring experts. Explore the realm of hands-free communication and seamless two-way data sharing, poised to revolutionize how knowledge is imparted to your frontline teams working in hazardous environments.

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    The RealWear Navigator® Z1 minimizes downtime and elevates safety for your frontline workforce.


     In the realm of the Oil & Gas sector, a yearly average of 27 days lost to unexpected production downtime can lead to a staggering cost of up to $38 million. It’s noteworthy that 50% of process safety incidents occur during these downtime periods.

    RealWear steps in to empower proactive maintenance teams, elevating their productivity. All the while, they can maintain a hands-free approach, prioritizing the safety of your workforce. This is achieved by amplifying situational awareness, facilitating seamless connection with experts, and ensuring access to vital data – all made possible through the capabilities of 5G connectivity.


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    Enable teams to tap into enhanced productivity advantages by adopting these innovative digital-first, hands-free wearable solutions..


     Amid the transition of numerous companies from manual to digital operations, a hurdle emerges for production zone employees. Their options are limited to technology that meets intrinsic safety certification, and their tasks necessitate a hands-free approach.

    Enter RealWear, offering a combination of AR hardware and integrated software solutions. These AR Solutions enable teams to access critical information using voice-activated, hands-free wearables. This empowers frontline workers to adhere to precise workflow instructions, receive expert support from remote teams, and harness the capabilities of AI-driven applications for minimizing the occurrence of errors.

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