teamviewer partner summit

Caroline Patton and Nick Patton from The AVR Lab were invited to attend the TeamViewer APAC Partner Summit 2023 in Bali, Indonesia during February 2023. This event brought together TeamViewer team members from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore, as well as reseller partners such as The AVR Lab in the Asia Pacific region as part of the ASCEND partner program. This event included a 3 day conference days with the Partner appreciation dinner and cocktail evening where partners were entertained by traditional Bali dancers.

Caroline speaking at the TeamViewer Bali Conference
Caroline speaking at the TeamViewer Bali Conference
Nick and Caroline from The AVR Lab at TeamViewer Bali Conference
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AR Technology

Technologies displayed during the summit aligned across the SMB and Enterprise customer segments with AR technologies: xPick, xAssist, xInspect and their remote management platforms: Tensor, Engage, Remote Management and IoT.

Other companies that were in attendance included SAP, KMPG, Hyundai and Fujitsu. This indicates how valuable AR technology benefits are to a range of industries across enterprise resource planning, accounting, motor and industry technology services and solutions. AR technology through software and SMART Glasses are the future across many sectors.


The future with TeamViewer

We are excited about the global partner network that we have available to us to help customers in Australia, across the different industries to learn from what is being implemented across the globe.

We are driven to learn from the experiences gained from our partners across the globe to showcase examples where the technology is in use in businesses today, providing insights into how easy the systems are to use, the benefits being realised and the difference AR has made to their operations.

We are excited to see the expansion of the Tensor solution, managing devices and access controls, further safeguarding the technology and user.

We learnt a great deal from the team at TeamViewer, the strategy for the next three years and are excited to be part of the journey of AR with TeamViewer.

How do I find out more?

If you want to learn more about our TeamViewer solutions click on the link below or get in touch with one of our team today.