The Power of Microsoft Teams and AR Smart Glasses

On Tuesday the 2nd of May, 2023, The AVR Lab team was invited by Microsoft to showcase the capabilities of Microsoft Teams on AR smart glasses at the headquarters of Australia Post in Melbourne.  Andrew Taylor and Olivia Fenton represented The AVR Lab, and got to meet many different facets of the Australia Post group.

MS Teams Event - Remote worker experience
Andrew explaining the thermal camera view

Showcasing Microsoft teams

Showing a different side of how Microsoft products can be used with AR technology, we gave many of the Australia Post team members turns at using the RealWear Navigator 520 SMART GLASSES to navigate MS Teams and make a remote assistance call to fix a faulty piece of equipment. Many came over curious as to how we could be using Microsoft, and what sort of devices were being used – were they MR (Mixed Reality) or VR (Virtual Reality). After finding out it was Assisted Reality (AR) that was being supported by Microsoft Teams they were keen to test out the capability of the RealWear Navigator 520 SMART GLASSES.

MS Teams has been specially configured as a Microsoft product to be usable on wearable devices like the AR SMART GLASSES from RealWear we had available to try. Using the SMART GLASSES, you are able to make calls, receive calls, take and send photos in real time, share videos and more. Many companies already have Microsoft Teams licenses, therefore when integrating AR SMART GLASSES ensures it connects into their existing frameworks and systems.

Microsoft teams with RealWear smart glasses

We had this video on display at the event to  show easy it is to make a remote assistance call using RealWear AR smart glasses and MS Teams.

MS Teams Event - AVR Lab table setup
Remote Assistance Demo Experience - MS Teams AR smart glasses

Remote assistance experience

Our light switch panel remote assist experience showcased how easy it is to dial in a remote expert to help the user fix an equipment issue in real time. Microsoft and Aussie Post team members were able to experience making a call from MS Teams using the RealWear Navigator 520 SMART GLASSES, following instructions from the expert in real time, in a loud and busy environment. The RealWear Navigator 500 series ability to cancel out background noise meant the users were able to stay on task and communicate clearly and effectively with our remote expert. The ability to improve efficiency and reduce travel time is a great benefit of using the AR SMART GLASSES with your existing MS Teams accounts.

success for all

Thank you to the Microsoft and Australia Post teams including Ross Johnson, Rachelle Gerrard, Sally Fahey, Jennifer Ruan and Poh Lin Tay at Microsoft and to Colum Coomey from Australia Post for setting up an incredible day for our team to be involved in. We look forward to showcasing MS Teams capabilities on AR SMART GLASSES and look forward to seeing the improvements to the already great product offerings from the Microsoft suite such as Viva Engage.

How do I find out more?

If you want to learn more about our RealWear AR smart glass solutions with MS Teams click on the link below or get in touch with one of our team today.