Uvisan Hewlett Packard

Uvisan is delighted to announce that it has been recommended by Hewlett-Packard (HP) as a supplier of UV-C disinfection equipment for HP’s VR and mixed reality headset range. We believe this is a very significant endorsement of our UV-C cabinets as a safe and reliable technology for disinfecting electronic devices. Hewlett Packard approached UVISAN as it needed a product that it could recommend as an approved means for disinfecting its newest VR headsets. This was especially important amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic.


HP carried out rigorous testing on our UV-C cabinets, as part of their investigation into the impact of UV-C cleaning on their products as an alternative to standard chemicals and disinfectant wipes. Tests were carried out on both new and existing HP appliances to determine whether there were any impacts of UV-C exposure on the items, equivalent to two years of standard use, looking into appearance, functionality and any mechanical or structural deterioration over a three-month testing period.

UV-C used for disinfecting HP VR Headsets

Particularly noteworthy is that following the tests, disinfection using UV light is the only method HP recommend for disinfection of its VR and mixed reality headsets, as they concluded that other methods such as alchohol or chemical wipes can damage the lenses and optical/sensor surfaces of HMD’s.

Our UV-C cabinets require no liquids or chemicals that can cause damage to devices and the tests illustrate that UV-C exposure is completely safe for a wide range of appliances.

Our UV-C disinfection cabinets are able to quickly and thoroughly disinfect a range of electronic appliances, including phones, laptops, tablets, handheld scanners, peripherals and electronic accessories. Within a 5-minute cleaning cycle, the UV-C cabinets kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, using medical grade UVGI lamps. When it comes to shared electronic devices such as a VR headsets, customers can feel safe and confident with UV-C cleaning for quick and thorough disinfection in between uses. The cabinets are also lockable to keep high value electronic items safe during disinfection and, with an inbuilt charging station, items can be re-charged and sanitised simultaneously.

HP Recommendation

This recommendation from a highly-regarded technology giant like HP, following a rigorous testing process, adds weight to our assertion that UV-C disinfection is the gold standard in today’s Covid environment. It is far more effective and less time consuming than using wipes and we believe ultimately saves time and money. It has the added benefit of no waste being sent to landfill.

With an ever growing number of case studies and blue chip customers across industry, educational establishments, healthcare and the creative sector we are confident UVISAN can give you the confidence you need to protecting your people and your assets.