Volvo believes in cutting-edge technology that’s designed around people. They partnered with Microsoft to bring their cars to life like never before, with Microsoft HoloLens. Watch the film to see it’s potential to transform how we interact with our cars.

Forward Vision

Volvo innovators are shaping the way we will live in a future not so far, far away with hologram technology like that seen in Star Wars.
In an unremarkable building at Torslanda, Volvo’s HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, lies a remarkable office. Through a maze of corridors, and behind a door that looks like any other, is a dark room with a huge screen on the wall, long desk in the middle, and a control booth in the corner.

This is the home of Volvo’s virtual and augmented reality team – full of fresh, young, innovative people working with technology that is changing the automotive industry: holograms.

“Have you seen Star Wars?” asks Loris Cwyl, the team leader. “Do you remember when the little hologram of Princess Leia is beamed out of R2-D2? That’s Microsoft HoloLens. You’re in a real environment where you see a hologram that’s a fixed object. We are using this technology right now.”

HoloLens is, in fact, a mixed-reality headset. It looks like a cross between a pair of wraparound sunglasses and ski goggles. Unlike virtual reality – which replaces your environment with a virtual one – the HoloLens user sees the world around them as it really is.

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