The Challenge

L’Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM, or the Union of Metallurgy Industries and Crafts) is one of France’s largest industry-based unions, and they put a huge number of current and future metalworkers through their regional training centers. UIMM Région Havraise wanted to streamline the method for training metalworkers in certain standardized procedures such as regular maintenance and upkeep.


In order to meet their training needs, UIMM recognized that they would need an option that tackles the safety and logistical limitations that have always plagued trades such as metalworking. Seeing the variety of advanced technological approaches taken by outside companies and industries it became apparent the union would need to move its training methods towards VR maintenance training.


While other trades may have more straightforward procedures, metalworkers must become accustomed to a wide range of tools and techniques for each unique situation. Therefore, adequate training does not only focus on the physical action of completing the task but also the preparation of choosing the right tools.


As one of the most prominent unions in the world’s sixth largest economy, UIMM has a wide variety of prospective metalworkers coming through their training facilities at any given time. Finding a single solution to be able to accommodate them all — regardless of skill level — seemed virtually impossible.