Vuzix Corporation  ONVIF

Security Camera by Vuzix Onvif

In January 2020 VUZIX announced that the Company has made available an ONVIF compatible security application on the Vuzix App Store along with drivers and source code access for third party integration for the Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses with planned follow-on support for its full M-series line of Smart Glasses.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global and open corporate forum that was founded to standardize the IP-based surveillance camera industry.  The IP security camera market is projected to grow from its current market value of more than $8 billion to over $20 billion by 2025, according to a study by Global Market Insights.

The appearance of the Blade, which resembles ordinary glasses, makes it an ideal companion for security personnel that are utilizing ONVIF security cameras across a wireless network.  With the Vuzix ONVIF application, security personnel can access multiple cameras on the wireless network and toggle between IP surveillance camera feeds and, with the available drivers and source code, third parties can easily integrate Vuzix Smart Glasses into their existing solutions.

“The introduction of the ONVIF security application for the Vuzix Blade provides a new use case for the Blade in enterprise and opens up new segments of the market related to security especially within big box retail stores, public safety, smart cities and others,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer.