realwear deployed at ford global dealerships

REALWEAR, a premier  partner of The AVR Lab, have worked with Ford Global to deploy up to 2 HMT -1 RealWear devices to almost 3000 dealerships.

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Credit to, RealWear and Jordan Brown, Industry Content Marketing Manager

The story made a great point that the introduction of RealWear and SWIS (Ford’s program is called SWIS, which stands for “see-what-I-see”) produced instant benefits when the Master Technician was tasked with solving an issue with the Ford GT where the cause was not immediately visible. By remotely liaising with their technical assistance center, the conversation yielded a solution that would fix the problem once and for all. Noting the advantages, Hershey stated,

This is more cost-effective, user-friendly and quicker. On one car, [RealWear] could save you a month. Without the SWIS device, they would just be guessing.

Ford wanted a premium level of customer service—and rightly so—for this very special sports car. Following its success with the GT, Ford immediately looked to apply it to their mass market vehicles. They soon rolled out the HMT-1 across the US, supplying up to two devices to almost 3,000 dealerships.


The article continues, suggesting that assisted reality is the future of how vehicles will be serviced – particularly as electric cars revolutionize the industry further (check out this blog, for recycling lithium batteries with RealWear). The piece also addresses the inevitable resistance to change, noting that the advantages swiftly laid any hesitancy to rest.

Another testimonial comes from Ford employee, Jorge Juarez – Fixed Operations Director at Vancouver Auto Group in Washington, who noted the importance of these tools as the industry develops.

“You can find a problem, but there could be another problem lurking behind that one,” Juarez said. “I think it’s good, and with the hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles coming out, we need all the help we can get.”


It’s not just in the US that Ford has embraced RealWear devices. The company has also launched solutions in other countries, including South Africa. Elsewhere in the industry, we see other renowned manufacturers turning to RealWear solutions. Mercedes-Benz, for instance, is no stranger to the benefits of assisted reality, rolling out devices across 56 service centers across Turkey.

French manufacturer Groupe PSA has utilized RealWear technology to connect maintenance teams across ten countries to solve complex problems immediately, while other major brands (including VW, Mini and BMW) are also reaping the benefits of our solutions to boost repair efficiency by 93% and improve after-sales service. On the commercial bus and truck side of things, MAN Commercial Vehicles use RealWear to reduce vehicle downtime, which they expect will save 2,700 liters of fuel each month!

To see even more use cases for assisted reality wearables in automotive, check out our blog post on how dealerships are using SWIS.

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