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Vocational Education and Training Sector

Our AR and MR SMART Glasses deliver durable and hands-free augmented and mixed reality solutions that allow the connection and access of remote teachers and assessors with your students. 

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RTO owners, training managers, trainers and students can ​all benefit from our Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology.

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Enable Distance/Online Learning

Increase access to a wider range of students and improve their hands on learning experience

Vuzix Training Homecare

Supervise and provide feedback to students remotely

See what the students sees and provide feedback directly to their screen through annotation, document sharing and verbal communication

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Streamline assessment

Create workflows to guide students through repetitive assessment tasks. Upload to LMS for remote assessment.


Integrate with your LMS

Ask how we can integrate with your LMS to automatically upload assessments and reports. Not available on all platforms*

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Increase student engagement

Improve course progression through more contact hours with students when they need it most

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Improve profitability

Save money on repetitive tasks that can be easily automated and assessed remotely. Realise significant ROI from intake one

The AVR Lab Education

Key Features For The VET Sector

Our world leading brands like RealWear and Vuzix bring the latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality technology to the VET Sector. 


  • Voice-controlled device to control apps (Say What You See). 
  • Talk to teachers in real-time and allow them to see what the student is seeing  
  • Display can be moved for full situational awareness. 
  • Drop-tested, water-tested & noise-tested (IP-66). 
  • IP67 rated ​
The AVR Lab Education

how are smart glasses shaping education?

Vuzix Paramedic

Support/Supervise students remotely

  • Complete workplace assessments remotely – Assess practical skills as approved by ASQA
  • Live annotation and document sharing directly to device as part of instruction process
  • Hands free to ensure safety and focus
  • Live video and picture capture/recording from both assessor and student
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Reporting Evidence

  • Generate reports for each support call with event log
  • Save images and documents shared by assessor
  • Save photos and videos taken during support call
  • Valid addition to Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) as evidence of extra student support
Vuzix Training

Create Assessment tasks as workflows

  • Guiding student through assessment tasks. Completing key performance criteria
  • Students must submit response with evidence (photo, video, voice clip) to advance to the next question
  • Results are stored on the cloud to be assessed
  • Upload results to the LMS
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About The AVR Lab

The AVR Lab is a Melbourne based augment reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) consultancy specialising in the application and supply of wearable technology to Australian industries such as automotive, manufacturing and medical.

With leading brands like Realwear and Vuzix, our AR and VR solutions help businesses save time and money, whilst improving service delivery, efficiency and safety.

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about what we do

The AVR Lab provides the full AR and MR end to end solution and deployment.​

Consultation and Solutions

consultation & solutions

Our team specialises in assessing, compiling and deploying AR and MR solutions for the Australian VET industry.


hardware supplier

We are the principal Australian supplier of world leading AR/MR wearables such as RealWear® and Vuzix®.


support & service

Our support and service team will ensure your AR/MR hardware and software are always running and supported.