Librestream pioneered the digital transformation capability of remote expertise for the industrial worker over 17 years ago to improve worker safety, reduce costs, and accelerate service and efficiency. Librestream’s Onsight Augmented Reality Platforms powers the AI Connected Expert of the future for informed decision making in the field. Proven and battle tested, the Onsight is the most widely deployed and used industrial AR platform on the market.



Librestream Onsight Connect remote expert and Onsight Flow digital work instructions run on smartphones and market-leading enterprise and industrial wearables including head-mounted tablets and smartglasses. When using Connect, workers can collaborate with remote experts, sharing live visuals, talking and viewing feedback onscreen, while freeing-up their most useful tool – their hands. Remote experts can even control the device through Connect, turning on the light and capturing pictures to allow workers to focus on the job at hand. Onsight Flow enables easy-to-use step-by-step digital work instructions to access relevant content hands-free in the field.

For industrial applications, the Librestream Onsight Cube wearable device augments the hands-free collaboration experience with the ability to share thermal imaging as well as HD video and pictures. The Onsight Cube-R is designed the world’s most rugged environments and the Onsight Cube-Ex is certified for Zone 1, Div 1, Class 1 areas. The multi-purpose design of the Cube allows for hands-free, handheld, and monopod use to access hard to reach places.

Onsight Collaboration Platform

Enhance your digital transformation strategy to empower your workers and customers with immediate access to the content, people, smart data and guidance needed to inspect and solve issues quickly. Deployed globally, the Onsight Augmented Reality Platform increases operational efficiency in industries such as manufacturing, aviation, energy, heavy equipment and field service. The Onsight augmented reality enterprise platform runs on a diverse range of hardware devices including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, smart glasses and head-mounted wearables. The Onsight Optimized™ program ensures that the experience is tested and verified.

Librestream partners

Connect teams with the enterprise leading remote expert solution, Onsight Connect. Engage remote experts with live video, audio, augmented, IoT data overlay and use Onsight Computer Vision to automatically identify the contents of digital images.

Work Instructions

Transform paper-based procedures with Onsight Flow digital work instructions. Create, assign, and execute work instructions while connected or offline. Gain immediate access to data for operational insights.

Thermal Wearable

Collaborate hands-free in the world’s toughest environments with the Onsight Cube industrial thermal wearable. Capture thermal imaging data to perform inspections and trend analysis in Ex-certified and rugged locations.

Data Lake

Create an integrated knowledge base including images and recordings that are automatically tagged with relevant IoT data and using AI computer vision in Onsight Workspace. Share, edit, access, and view content securely in difficult field environments.

IoT Inspection

Centrally collect and share critical data and visuals from inspection tools such as borescopes or ultrasound devices using the Onsight Hub. Collaborate with remote experts to accelerate inspections in the field.

Use Cases

Enhance Worker Safety with LibreStream Thermal Imaging

Enhance Worker Safety with LibreStream Thermal Imaging


Caption: The above image shows the relative body temperature screening capability using the Onsight Cube thermal imaging camera and ... read more

The AVR Lab collaborates with Librestream Technologies

The AVR Lab collaborates with Librestream Technologies


Melbourne, Victoria (26 October 2020) – The AVR Lab, announces their partnership with Librestream Technologies ... read more