BrainCo STEM Kit Curriculum

The BrainCo STEM Kit Curriculum is arranged into five modular units.


Curriculum Units for STEM Classes

The BrainCo STEM Kit curricula brings together modular curriculum units designed to be compatible in multiple different learning environments like STEM classes. Example environments include full semester STEM classes, modules within a Robotics, Biotechnology and Engineering Design class or a free learning environment such as a Maker Space or Afterschool STEM club with after school STEM curriculum.

The intent of utilising the full curriculum of the BrainCo STEM Kit is to build investigative, inquisitive, and confident attitudes to pair with definitive technical and content knowledge. Students and educators then are given an open challenge in which they must use the frameworks and content knowledge they have learned as a starting point for a capstone project.

Each lesson requires students to work in groups of 2 or 3 sharing a BrainCo STEM Kit between them. Worksheets, lesson plans, slide decks and videos are provided for each module making it extremely easy and supportive for teachers to introduce this as part of their curriculum for schools for STEM learning and even STEM classes for kids.

Project Guided Assembly4 Modules of 50 Minute LessonsAssemble the BrainCo STEM Hand while learning Mechanical and Electrical Engineering concepts. Assembly may be completed via quick build or in depth learning approaches.
Engineering Design6 Modules of 50 Minute Lessons included one open build projectOrganise your class like a real engineering team. Guide students through the steps of the engineering design process and learn how prototypes are created and refined. Complete the class with an engineering design challenge creating an application of a robotic hand through constant design iterations.
Biotech and Biomedical Industry Exploration8 Modules of 50 Minute Lessons included one open build projectLearn where STEM mixes with Biomedical Engineering and Biotech through real life technology. Each lesson introduces students to a new concept such as Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces or Advanced Prosthetics finishing into a student guided open design and sharing project.
Life and Physical Sciences4 Modules of 50 Minute LessonsBring hands on STEM learning to your lab sciences. Modules covering energy, motion, friction, and body systems align with curriculum needs in Primary School and High School Lab Sciences.
Introduction to Programming6 Modules of 50 Minute Lessons and 2 Open Ended Programming ProjectsBring a tangible, hands on addition to digital programming. Students learn the fundamentals of programming through project based learning activities and open ended STEM workshops.

NeuroMaker Challenge


Click here to learn more about the remote friendly creative challenge

Apply your STEM knowledge to a Creative Challenge modeling solving real world issues! The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge allows students to choose their own real world issue to tackle using the STEM hand as common shared hardware.

Getting Started

You and your students are ready to build right out of the box. No sorting or additional work required!

There are three key parts to the BrainCo STEM kit:

1. The Hardware

Please open our Assembly Instructions if you would like to build the hand straight away. Guided assembly with specific learning goals are also part of the STEM Kit curriculum. Or watch this 2 minute YouTube Video of the hand being built.


2. The Programming Environment

The BrainCo STEM kit utilises mBlock, a Scratch 3.0 enhanced block-based programming platform. mBlock can connect to the STEM Hand directly through your web browser. You can view the Setup Guide to connect your STEM Kit to mBlock.


3. The Curriculum

stem classes

The BrainCo STEM Kit comes with curriculum arranged into 5 topic modules consisting of 45 to 60-minute-long lessons. View the Curriculum Guide for more detail on what is included.